VanGoo's Paints

Edit: We have officially moved to DK Mall under the new name “Van Goo’s Paints”! (colors no longer sorted by number now by color groups)

All set up and ready to go with 58,600 units of stock and more on the way. All spray paint is 25c/each.

Just come to DK Mall Legendville thru a portal, turn left and go straight as far as you can. Shop location F0!


I’ll have to check it out looks cool. Nice job

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Went from 48,966 to only 8,584 in stock! Thanks for the business already everyone!


I am a bit poorer, sigh! :smiley:

I really need to set up my Goo Labs and get cracking on making more myself…

So much to do, so little time!


It was still 57k when i came by, if I had ever built better color storage I would have just bought you out.

At less than half the price of any other seller I’ve seen (1/4 of most) it’s a pretty good deal. First time I considered buying sprays.


Thanks! Yeah I was buying one certain color for a project, sucked it up and bought it despite the price… Decided I didn’t like the price so I figured I’d just start farming my own, turns out I like it! Passing the joy to customers via lower prices. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


need only 10 of each but nearly all colour are empty :joy: seems like i was to slow


Looks great man!

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Restocked a few only up to 12,558 total in stock, y’all wiped us out. :joy: Another 5k in que. It’ll take a few days to effectively restock.


57,562 cans of spray paint in stock!

235 available colors!

Come visit us at Paint by Number!

Edit: Paints are still only 25c each! :wink:


will definitely have to check your shop out (still haven’t got around to farming my own paints and with me constantly fiddling with my home i doubt i will anytime soon :laughing:

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is there a chance to get a portal to your shop?
do you have any infos in your shop what blocks can be sprayed?
what about the dura from that sprays?
one spray = one sprayed block?

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Yes it is 1:1 per spray can sadly :weary:

Edit: sad for us. Great for @Scavenger!


realy fell in love with this shop!!!
cant resist to spend all my money ive got in my pocket :slight_smile:

thx 4 info dk…

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this place just regen?

Nooo. We’re currently in the process of moving it to DK Mall. I think the I left a sign there to say that. Lol.


Oooh awesome, I saw the sign but was a little confused :smile:

WOW - stunning! Big time props!

Awesome!! I am working on making my signs for my color sort and there are some I don’t have rock wood or gleam in the color so hopefully this will help me!

The new sorting looks great!!