Vanishing doors

I’ve not seen this before nor been able to replicate it, but here it is. Note that the binding boxes are still viewable and the door still functions as expected, but the door is not rendered and changing graphics settings has no affect. Re-appears after restart. Also note that all other doors in the area are still visible. Really puzzling.
(Before reboot)

(After reboot)

Same thing was happening to me on Ruchs a couple hours ago. All of the doors inside somebody’s (small) build were invisible. Doors a short distance away were visible.

That’s really strange,

Next time it happens please send us a gist of the game log - it might contain some clues.

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I was able to recreate the situation. This happened when I traveled away from the doors quickly with the grapple hook about 200-300 blocks then traveled back to the door on low terrain detail settings. Also happens at higher settings, but you must travel much further. I also got the gist of the occurrence this time. Screen shot of my debug info as well, in case that’s of any use.

Edit: Additional info, this seems to prevent ANY blocks from being rendered within the chunk that doors have vanished. Block lighting and warping does not update either. Blue gleam placed to show lighting does not update inside the chunk, and the doors shown are actually 2x1’s straddling the chunk border. You can see where the gravel’s warping is unaffected by the door’s placement inside the affected chunk.