Various items on Raxxa

Some higher qty items available at my Raxxa shop (just outside of PS-Raxxa).

"ESSENCE_VITAL_FRESH"   QTY: 3200       Price: 2.50    "Raxxa"
"FORGE_GUM_SPECIAL"     QTY: 7200       Price: 8.00    "Raxxa"
"GLASS"      		    QTY: 11938      Price: 3.00    "Raxxa"
"BEAN_SPICY"         	QTY: 323        Price: 25.00   "Raxxa"
"CHARCOAL"      	    QTY: 24243      Price: 0.60    "Raxxa"
"WHEAT"     		    QTY: 46579      Price: 5.00    "Raxxa"
"GLUE"          	    QTY: 900        Price: 10.00   "Raxxa"
"SAND" 			        QTY: 1334       Price: 1.00    "Raxxa"

Stop buy and say hello :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey we’re practically neighbors!

That’s a LOT of silk yellow gleam :sunglasses:

i know right… I bought a bunch my first day because I was told gleam was rare. /facepalm

Now it’s an industrial flooring.

lol if I had the coin i would gladly take that silk yellow gleam off your hands, but alas I do not.

Its been useful. Im into the economy game, so not much of a builder. I keep refined gleam and refined rocks around to put in a quick floor.

lol, i am the opposite, I like to build but don’t care much about economy stuff. Would explain why I am always very low on coin.