Vegapunk's Forge! Now with Chisels + Bombs!

After a long time I’ve finally mastered my forge technique and now I’m able to keep a decent stock on my shop so It is time for me to post it here.

Vegapunk’s Forge

You can find it at DK’s Mall Shop A83

Other ways to get there
  1. Omeyocan portals at TNT, PS and Ultima Maryx.
  2. Once there find the 2x2 that says Omeyocan Shop.
  3. Look at your right and there is a portal that says Vegapunk’s Forge

What amazing things can you find there?

  • Liquid breakers
  • Solidifiers
  • Totem looters
  • T5, T6 and T7 shovels and hammers
  • Gathering tools
  • Single shot slingbows
  • Multi shot slingbows
  • Explorer and Golden Fists
  • Chisels
  • Lucents

What makes my shop special?
I love speed and all my tools and weapons have some extra speed! (Except swift bows)
Pretty much everything is free from quircks/defects unless the signs tells you to read it.


I also can take orders for custom orders! (I don’t do 3 maxed boons but I can try 2)
Prices are not permanent and I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:


A38 is Omeyocan’s Shop. I am confusion.

Found it. You meant A83. XD

Yes! sorry I messed up while checking thew numbers lol

Like It’s almost the same :rofl:


Made a few fast totems and some pretty decent grapples for the event.
I’ll be doing more If these are sold out.

Come check it out :smiley:


Added more gleambow totems, same place as before.

Also I’m adding more goodies to the shop! Come and get some epic spanners :smiley:
You’ll find them on the basement of the shop.

And the new addition, better than the golden fist, some shield explorers!


Added more gleambow totems!

Also find any grapple at the shop!


I love grapples that have glow. I don’t know much about forging. Is there a reason I don’t see many people forging grapples with glow effect? Does it force you to take away something else as a trade-off?


Most people use loot sticks so you can add dura or reel to the grapple. If you want different boons you can send me a PM with your offer and what boons you need :smiley:

In most cases I personally love having glow on the grapple instead of whatever tool I’d be using.

Your assumption is correct though. Max 3 boons, and points are divided into the active ones.

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Added last 2 batches of totems!

Come and get yours before they are gone

New main shop has/will have larger stock! (Still working on it lol)

Also now you can get some pretty bombs and chisels too! more coming soon.

Healing bombs

Building bombs for clearing large areas (According to my math 6.4k damage is enough for most t6 blocks)


Where did vegapunk’s shop go?


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Simple, bold, and real - the cuetz i know xD.

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