Vertical plot permissions

My main character is on PS4, and when I created my second character, on PC, I thought it sounded cozy to basically give my alt a “room” in my home. I dug out an unplotted corner in my basement and tried to put a beacon down with my alt, which is when I realized you can’t plot above or below another person’s plot.

I understand why the game is designed this way and I’m glad it is, but I wish there was a permission to allow someone to plot above or below you. Like if we could put a beacon on a plot above or below and then assign permissions on that beacon or even put a lock on it that only allows the person we want to give access to to interact with it.

This would be really cool for all kinds of vertical builds we can’t do today unless we REALLY trust the other player…condos, apartments, other things…

Just something I would like!


it would be really useful if we could at least allow our alts to do it!


I wanna build a hive city with an under-hive dungeon area. This is impossible with the current plot systems unless I fake it with clever use of portals and fake layers. At least grant plot above/below to guild members? We have the plot reclaim tool to handle exceptions for if a person gets gkicked.


This was my idea when I found out that you could have multiple characters then was really disappointed when I found out my characters were better off to spread out.

Now I usually just give them all the same home beacon(place beacon name it home, set as home, delete beacon, repeat for all 10 characters) then start building in the area and only plot with a single character. That’s why one of my characters is a vastly greater level than the rest.

You could always build the entire building, leave empty spaces 2x2x2 that they can build in, and charge rent for your plots (and hope they don’t tear down the walls) or destroy the rooms above/below them.

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If all characters on an account can be linked like a bank account this could be possible for alts. The account would be like the ‘routing number’ while the characters would be ‘account numbers’.

But in order for that to happen I think the devs would have to change how the beacon treats ownership. Since beacons are owned per character and not per account, this would the first revamp.

The ownership revamp would in turn cause a rework of plots since all characters would now technically share plots. If plots are shared, there should be a restriction so it is not exploited. The restriction could be you can only keep plots if the character the plots were owned with still exists on the account or were purchased with RL cash which will need to be identifiable.

Since now Cubits will need to be separated, earned Cubits will be labeled Cubits and purchased Cubits would be gold or be called something different like Blooms or something. Only plots would be able to be acquired with this new currency and are account locked. Other account items can be later set for purchase as an optional cash shop will be COSMETIC ONLY. (If this comment sets off a debate, please respect the op and make your own post)

My mind sorta ran with how to make this work.

Honestly the cubit bonus for new characters isn’t that significant.

If people want to make alts, level them to 50 then delete them, I say let them.

Also it would be nice if you could transfer beacons from one alt to another somehow.

Thought I would necro as would be great to allow my guild to build above/below my plots, would make everything look allot less separate…

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would allow people to put bridges above city roads with greater ease.