Very dark worlds, barely any light

Ever since the texture update every world is very dark now, even during the day, at least for me and a couple of others I know. There is a very dim light coming from the light sources if any light comes from them at all. I’ve tried disabling multiple effects and the only difference is when I disable clouds and weather effects but that only increases the brightness by probably 5%.

These images probably suck.


yes i agree with the light being very dim and strange…when u look up in the sky its bright, but then u look at the ground…it goes dim again :open_mouth:


Why do torches and lanterns cast more light if I hold them instead of placing them on the wall/ground? The light they cast did seem to get reduced a lot with the last patch

it seems when you are near the Gleam (usually lots of it) the lighting gets very dark…i am in game now it it keeps happening

I could be wrong but I think that it’s because the game is trying to be realistic. When you’re near to light sources your pupils will contract thereby making the areas away from the light source look darker.

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This is what bothers me a lot. The torches actually seem to light thing around them pretty okay, but the lamps barely give ANY light at all, you need to stack a lot of them together to iiluminate properly.


Yep, I think there is the need for a little adjustment after the last great patch. Time will tell and fix :wink: … My home is also quite dark at the moment ^^

There are 2 issue here:

  1. As @Ardos notes, the game contains technology to dynamically change the brightness of the scene depending what is in the scene. In the same way your own eye can adjust to a bright and dark environments. So in the dark you see more, but if you look directly at something that is bright then your eye will adjust. Experiment with this a little.

  2. We need to better balance the lighting values for the different blocks and entities.

I’m not sure about the others that posted, but I’m well aware of the light being realistic. I was speaking of the light basically not being there at all, some of the pictures are in the daytime and the sun makes it seem as if it doesn’t really put out light unless you stare at it then you’ll just see the god rays instead of the world actually being lit up. I used to be able to see very well if I had a torch/lamp/gleam nearby or in my hand during nighttime but now I can barely see, I have to set it to daytime to basically see anything that doesn’t have tons of light sources lighting it up or me being two blocks away from it with a torch. Like if you compare the photos I take of the game to the photos other users take, it’s like we are playing with two completely different texture packs just because of the lighting.

Yea I’m in the same world as champy and he pretty much hit it in the nose. When it turns night I can’t barley at all unless I have about 15 Torches around. My friend HappyMaskSalesman Has no problem with the lighting it looks great for him. so must be a system oriented problem.

I found a massive cave with tons of gleam, but even with the gleam it very hard to see, I’m currently lost trying to climb out of it because whenever i try to use my grappling hook i have to put my torch away and I can’t see where I was going. I have lined the cave with every torch I have but they don’t provide nearly enough light. Can we have improved torch lighting and gleam lighting for places that are especially dark? Ex. a giant dark cave.

Your monitor gamma settings may be too low.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I changed my gamma settings (which I did test a few minutes ago), wouldn’t the issues still be the same as when I had my original gamma settings? (The lighting of the world was not different, but my point is that the game still looks as it did when I took the pictures from the beginning of the thread and the pictures that other players took, that don’t have the issue I mentioned, still look the same.)

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You’re correct! Sorry, I often post from my cellphone, so It’s hard for me to get good enough contrast to see images on the forum. Was just a thought!

Same problem here. When night hits I can barely see anything, especially indoors. Holding a torch in my hand does pretty much nothing, and even less on the ground. I can see the light of the torch on the ground, but there is no light around the torch. Also, everything during the day seems to be far less bright than it was previously.

This isn’t a direct fix, but pressing Control + 1-9 will change the sun’s position (so you can keep daylight for as long as you want).


Thank you good sir! :sparkling_heart:

Yeah, I knew about that but even with it being “daylight” all the time it doesn’t provide much light, but it’s better than standing in the dark.

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Nope, I never go far from the capital since my beacons are near it.