Viceroy achievement from Sovereign world?

Wondering wheather to buy a world for this achievement rather than have to build an ugly prestige tower… Anyone know if you can get it this way?

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Nope 10 char

I almost got it when I was the capital of Antar for a while. almost!
i got it for a 10k prestige temporary portal beacon on my sov. planet. it was a very anticlimactic moment :smiley:

maybe they removed it since. not sure


I got it on both my PS4 account and PC account this way… no reason to buy a world if you want to try though. :wink: I’ll open up one of mine to building, I’ve got a bunch with very little prestige.

… Just went and opened up Over the Gleambow to claiming. :slight_smile: It is a T3, so not as tough as most of mine which are mainly T6’s. There is a portal to it at Paka’s Place, Gyosha, access from TNT Hub. The portal is right to the side of where you’ll come in. Should only need 10k to get it. I bought this one in case we get Gleambow again soon, and have a little gravel farm there.

Anybody else reading this who wants it, just ask, I’ve got others.


Hmm. Tried it on my pc chat when I first got a sov with my ps4 account and didn’t get it :frowning: had a build with 70k ish prestige too.

Hmm, wonder if you had a bug or something… I know someone else here got it on a planet I opened up to them, if you still want it you are welcome to try on one of mine again if you like (Hyrule and Stardrop Valley both open and not too high, and there are others I can open if you are up to it).

I started at least four different runs on public planets before I got it from this, each time someone else pushed the total way up while I was slowly plodding along. :joy: Of course, it would have taken me forever at the rate I work!

Ruler Of The World Trophy • Boundless •


I got it on my first Sov on ps4


I got viceroy on my sovereign. So definitely possible. Thought I’d never get it otherwise :joy:


If you have a friend who is a viceroy of a higher tier planet (less competition) you could transfer the capital beacon, I think. But I’m pretty sure that also entails plotting it all too… again, not sure.
Also, I seem to remember someone mentioning that it might be done with permissions in guild too. @wakeNbake was that you that mentioned that around a year ago?

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@InferiorRose and I both also got that from Chromis I while we built the welcome center.


i got it long time ago on Imoco, but it change every few month the Viceroy on Imoco between me and my friend :wink:


yes you can get the achievement over a sovereign world, but on creative you can`t get it.

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I meant to say, that my beacon on my Sov is controlled by my guild, and my sister also unlocked the trophy just being in the same guild. I guess because the guild is the Viceroy in this instance?


Looks like ill get a rental for this then, anything I should roll to get some new colours?

ooh thanks, I just saw this, ill get on it tomorrow…


Ill make a build that is easy to transfer over to someone so they can get the achievement too.


Trying to get there now, wondering in anything Gyosha related as cant see your place yet…

Easiest way is from the TNT hub on Circ. There is a Paka’s Place portal there. :slight_smile: Also have a small portal in from Gyosha Mall.

Found it, building there now…

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Have built two little tests, one named test (10,000 Prestige) and one named Love (100,000 prestige) and neither are showing up on the world settlement tab…

Hmm, I just went and checked too, and yeah, no settlements showing on the list at all - THAT is really odd, regardless of Viceroy trophy, I opened that for settling so should be registering what you built?

I’m going to have to defer to the devs on this one, no clue what the issue is there. :frowning: It has definitely worked in the past when I tried it.

Another option - it will take a little more prestige, but not that much more: the two planets I mentioned above, Hyrule and Stardrop Valley, those are both open to settlement and I’ve seen other players take Viceroy on them at different points. They are T6s - access from Paka’s Palace, Alcyon, via TNT Alcyon. There are a bunch of planets I have portals to there, but those two for sure have worked in the past for others to, even if they didn’t get the trophy on them, become Viceroy of them.

Edit: Actually, don’t use Stardrop Valley, lol, prestige for capital someone has went higher than I thought! Try Hyrule, need 26k there.

Edit again: I opened up another T6 there, Desolation, there is a portal on the balcony level to a hunting ground there which would be easy to build on (Gleam Spiral). If neither of those two work, then I’m at a loss I’m afraid.