Viceroy achievement from Sovereign world?

Since changed over to plottable not long ago may take system little to register the settlement? Who knows…

You don’t have to re-plot it’s just some permission juggling if you can get a guild involved. I gave everyone who helped me on my Kol build viceroy if they needed/wanted it, and due to the way that build is currently permissioned I can dish out viceroy trophies any time, it takes about 2 - 3 minutes, tops, once we get there.

If a guild is viceroy of a planet, Directors of the guild get the viceroy trophy. I think it’s directors, it’s the highest rank of the guild. The build does not even have to be guild controlled, just guild aligned. Also, the guild in question does not have to be the character’s primary guild either.

So If you alighn the capitol build to a throwaway guild and then make someone a director, they get the trophy in PSN or Steam without ever having any plots or permissions on your build.


place 2 plots next to each other with 10k+ prestige in each of them


Whoa, that’s cool. Hella easy. Wanna help me get that one too? If I ever get time to play again, that is…
Edit: sorry op. I meant this to be a dm but forgot to click the button.

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I don’t play as much lately, drop me a PM with your schedule.

Tipping is encouraged :thinking:


@Nightstar prefers earth yams as payment :sweat_smile:


@Nightstar has pretty much summed up how it is done.

My guild (Dub-T) is the viceroy of Lutrion. So anyone made director of the guild will gain the achievement the moment they enter the “capital beacon”. I am able to do this without compromising any permissions (I think) as none of my beacons are actually aligned with and controlled by Dub-T directly. Instead I have a “beacon control” faction within Dub-T that I align all of my beacons to.

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If someone can record this working simply through permissions I’d like to see it because I tried that originally when I was going for this trophy and then tried again when I was testing it while writing the PSN Profiles guide and it didn’t work no matter what I did.

I also found the objective (not trophy) to be buggy even when you do it the “old-fashioned way” on a home planet and not a sovereign. I had to do it twice on a home planet before the objective completed. And that was a ton of work so pretty frustrating. This was before sovereigns had been released though.

Then when sovereigns came out I tested it on the computer and got it right away with a tiny 10k prestige settlement lol.


So i added some plots to my tests to make them two plots high rather than just the one and it got me the achievement. If anyone wants i can transfer them the plots or setup a special guild sop they can use the same build, just let me know.


Created a guild and put a guild book on the build, anyone who wants the achievement can join and ill put you to director, to find the build head SWW from the portal and it is on top of a hill (ugly building made of decorative topaz, the guild book is inside), ill promote anyone I find in the guild book and say on here, or you can meet me in game and ill show you.


Ill confirm if it works if anyone takes up my offer, but don’t have anything to capture it happening…

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So coolpants tried to get the achievement through the guild method and it didn’t seem to work. Will test it further when/if some of my guild are online…

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Maybe it’s because I hadn’t contributed any prestige or endeavor to the guild or something? I dunno, just guessing stuff
Or maybe someone needs planetary perms on a sovereign to be viceroy

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Ya that’s what I ran into when I tried. I tried so many things too, like with and without a guild, with and without the person having plots and contributing prestige both over and under 10k, various types of guild and build permissions, and plot and guild alignment

Here’s my build on Kol Huroo:

For reference, I believe this entire build is also one plot thick. It’s not hovering near the minimum or struggling to be a settlement either, though.

I’m going to align it to this empty/throwaway guild.

Not control and no footfall assignment, just alignment.

Give it a minute and make sure the settings have carried over.

At this point Coolpants came to join the guild, and I elevated him to director.

We ducked out to McRib and back, and he didn’t see the banner, so got to looking in steam, and he had in fact unlocked it this morning!

This is working. I’m available for another hour or so if there’s anyone else online.


Yeah so I just didn’t get a notification for some reason @Samski but it actually worked earlier so thanks again!
And thanks @Nightstar for trying to do it again.

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SO it worked the first time with me? Nice, will double check with guild.

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