Video of the TNT MegaHub Drop Party (13.7.2019)


For people who enjoy watching people jumping around.

I hope the music is not too loud, Youtube tends to readjust the volume of my videos unexpectedly at times.

[TNT] Million Coin Drop Party - Sat 13 July - 9pm UTC

Thats awesome! I was downstairs knocking out the floor, so cool to see it from the other angle. Thanks for sharing!

6:20min mark for anyone that missed it.


Great video! Really cool to see it from a different angle! :grin::star_struck:


@james some nice new trailer content… :wink:


Thanks flexy


Love it, sorry I missed it, but sharing this video! :smiley:


Poor Csumpi getting jumped on throughout the whole thing lol :joy:


I’m so sad I had plans and missed it. It seemed like it’d be a lot of fun!


Interesting music choice :smile: i arrived fashionably late to the party cause i didnt know about it till I saw that circ was full and i couldnt get to my base lol


Can the music go louder? PLS LET THE MUSIC GO LOUDER

  • tries to insert gif of dancing -