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Hmm This leads me to think about if we should mandate one view mode over others. Should players be able to decide their view? Is 3rd person really superior or does it make aiming harder? If 3rd person really is better should we just go only 3rd person because 1st person is just worse?

I think every player should have the choice for himself. the only real superior on third person view is that you can look around corners and have a bit better feeling for positioning in melee combat. But ranged combat and building is better in first person and the advance of a better field of view (and backstabbing protection) can be negated by stealth (by ability or tool/equipment). Many people also like to fight in first person even in melee, so if they want it, give it to them :wink:


James Austin

‘‘Combat changes dramatically between 1st and 3rd person. It’s sadly not as cheap as just moving the camera. But it’s being discussed / explored. A few people have been asking about it…’’

Who’s in favour of a 1st person camera for OO?

Who’s in favour of a 3rd person camera for OO?

And why? Serious question. Interested to get some playing input + discussion here.

Yes I am in favor of those

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I think @TheBirne summed it up pretty well.

I think a 1st person default, with 3rd person option. I don’t know about everyone, but that’s how I played Skyrim – 80% in 1st person, 20% in 3rd. It’s not just a combat thing, it’s more of an activity thing…

1st person
General exploring, mining resources, talking to people, ranged combat (bows & magic)

3rd person
Looking around corners, melee combat (swords), temporarily checking out sweet new equipment


Yes that is exactly how I played skyrim too

though I will point out that the ever compared to Minecraft does 3rd person COMPLETELY WRONG
Most 3rd person games place you behind, above and a little to the right (called ‘over the shoulder’) and they also usually let you control the camera independent of your character to at least some extent
Minecraft puts you directly behind the head. Period.

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since its an mmorpg and is trying to be immersive i would say first person, third person is pretty good for fighting but it also completely disconnects you from the game

here is a list of pro’s and con’s if any of you guys are interested.

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1st person as main, shoulder as second. Make it zoomable, but not to much away (just so that you can see your char in full view) to minimize a vision exploit around corners or over hills).

for viewing your own char they could just do standard character detail screen

Yeah, but many pal love to see it in action (me too). 3rd person would also be great for making movies which is good for the community :wink:

I am in favour of both, since Oort isn’t necessarily aiming to be a cutting edge competitive combat game and it’s nice to be flexible. If I had to choose though I would side with 1st person because I really like keeping with immersion, and Oort is offering something really beautiful- magnificent sights are just not the same from a 3rd person view, although they can still be marvelous.

I think the question can’t really be fully answered until we get our hands on some real combat, against players and against protectors- it’s way too early to set this kind of thing in stone without knowing how it interacts with the gameplay.

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In ESO, for some reason, I often see myself doing combat in first person, then instantly switching to third person when moving or exploring. It’s quite comfortable, but I don’t know why.

i do it the other way around, also in ESO you will get yelled at for doing combat in first person because you miss out on so much awareness

I also really hate the healing staff attack animation in third person, so that may be a contributor. Unless of course they’ve changed it since I’ve been gone.