Villa Prestige FOR SALE [200k]

Hey guys, it is time to leave the past behind as I move forward with new projects. I’m selling my modern mansion in North Therka Market.

The property is somewhere around 100 plots, it features the mansion, a small back garden, a tower monument that has been there way before I started the mansion construction and it also features a workshop. Everything on the property is for sale, except the stuff that’s in my storage (storage blocks remain!).

It is also connected to a bridge that takes you in the city, and it also has a portal in the monument.

If you’re interested in the property, come and visit it so you can see it in detail :slight_smile:


Can’t believe nobody offered yet. I may take you up on this offer later…

I would, but I don’t have that much money :disappointed:

@slyduda First come first served, it’s gonna be waiting for you unless someone else buys it :slight_smile:
@willcrutchley It’s hard to invest that much in a property without finding some actual use to it :smiley: