Village ownership changed


Not sure what is going on here but I have a village (DeCuirius) that I have built up to over 600k prestige over 6 beacons and all of a sudden it has dropped from my settlements list and switched to a member of my settlement that is about 9% of the value O.o anyone else had this happen or know why ??

Problem with settlement

Does your primary beacon say something along the lines that its become a bridge between two settlements?!?

If so you either need to add or subtract plots near this new settlement… to either swallow it… or get more then two plots away from it…


It does say about the bridge.
But this does not explain why a plot with 43k prestige, can all of a sudden with no changes made, take over a 535k plot.
I pressed U and clicked settlements and and it was there in the list so i clicked the one in question and it opened up then vanished off my list.



I had this issue with a neighboring settlement… He actually has done nothing to it at all… And I have done nothing to my border with it… But yet every few days this problem would happen so I just got sick of it and decided to plot up the border so I would swallow his settlement…

Then I had this issue happen again and I was like ?!? I searched and searched for the supposed settlement that was causing the issue but it was a new beacon off the edge of town that wasnt even high enough prestige to be a settlement, lol…

Anyway after I plotted up the area near that new beacon it solved that issue…

So basically you have two ways to fix this issue delete plots to take your settlement further away from the thing causing the issue or add more plots on the border of the thing causing the issue so you swallow it…