Virtual Reality

Alright so devs this is more to you guys but do you think in the future you may look into more VR technologies

for example these ones.

i personnally will be buying a priovr, a oculus and most likely the cyberith


They have an oculus and are playing around to see if they can get it to work well ingame :wink:

but yeah i also mentioned it on the old forums, could be pretty dang cool.

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The twitter showed some occulous rift support a few months ago, can’t look it up from my phone…

was also on facebook if i remember, but yes, it is months ago and it would take quite a while to dig up xD

I for my part wait for the steam own VR System (like for the Pad). Would be cool if support would be added later, but don’t have to be 1.0 :wink:

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what about the PrioVR

Did you hear about Valve’s new VR device, the HTC Vive? Apparently it’s much more responsive than the Oculus Rift, and will have a dev kit out very soon.


Off topic…

I was in Game Stop a few weeks ago and there was a mom asking a salesman for advice on what to buy for her 9 yr old son and she was holding Portal 2 in her hand. The salesman says that game is hard for some people and continued to dissuade her from buying it. In my head, I am like “you idiot! that is one of the best family games ever created.”

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We have a very basic implementation. It was very cool, but also needs a lot of work to be an enjoyable experience.


This game would lend itself so well to the new Oculus hand controllers!


Formally called the Oculus Touch for the time being :wink:

what are those straps? seem unnecessairy xD but yea full VR would be cool.

I think they’re wrist bands, sort of like on the Wiimote jacket. They are motion controlled as well as having the analogue stick, an X button, Y button, some sort of a trigger, and a bumper thing. Think of it as a one handed xbox controller.

I thoight they were controllers but I don’t see why they have these straps when you hold it like the man in the picture does^^
It would be annoying at best. At least for me.

the way they both bend the same way even though they are held in different positions leads me to believe that they are a type of plastic finger guard to keep you from thumping a desk or (insert any item that would hurt if you slammed you finger into it) that would seem like the more logical use for them

I think its time to open up this conversation again. Can you imagine how good this game would be in VR!!??


in the past i got minecraft in good 3d with googleglasses on my phone was not to complicated used a app not designed for minecraft i should dust off the thing and try with this game :smile:
EDIT ; it was not google glasses it was a cardboard box from google to make phone glasses lol but it worked

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found the system its not very pro but i gave me a good efect on minecraft back in the day and i see now they gone all fancy with a good website lol
ill test it now :smile:

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Hey cool Moe, that is a neat layman’s way to get into it for little to nothing!

So, so much this. :slight_smile:

I got my PSVR as soon as VR was announced for NMS. Although I’ve only played with it a little, what is really impressive to me is the scale. I started with Skyrim, and it hits you as soon as you see the new main menu screen. Also, the pleasant surprise was that even though I’ve been more prone to motion sickness in recent years, after I got past the cart ride where it hit me pretty strongly right away, I got over it quickly and didn’t really have problems after that.

Boundless would be just epic in VR, I believe. To be able to see our creations in that sort of scale, explore the worlds… :sunglasses: I would still use the regular controller though, problem with the Move controls are my gaming cave is small and I’d probably end up smacking a cat if I was swinging things around!

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