Visit Beautiful Yobel

New and improved Capital landing area…

Connects directly to our Resource Sharing Hub!

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on Yobel.


Soon there will be Oort Online traveling stations and tourist guides in every world.

Looking forward to see that happen


Hehehe, think about ariport like hubs for portals. So you have to go through a security gate to reach to the portals. If you carry weapons with you the guards hinder your entry and kick you out. “No swords allowed on Melfig, citizen!” ;D


We need more people to start promoting their worlds and tell people what that world particular has to offer. Maybe it will help people to gather in to same world rather than scatter around to every server and then be lonely.

It also gives me perfect chance and reason to build enormous golden Cheesecake!

Just kidding with that cheesecake, but I have some ideas about things that could be fun for people traveling between worlds searching something or just visiting.

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