Visual indication of angular block mode

Very often, I need to place a block to figure out which mode I am in. Sadly ,I am wrong more than right. It would be awesome if there was some visual indicator to show the mode.

HOWEVER, if I could have anything I wanted. The bottom hot bar icons would show the actual blocks I am about to place including the angles. And if I hover a hot bar item it would show a bigger image which spins in animation so I can clearly see what it is.

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I think they’re intending to overhaul the whole angled block system soon, and I think they’re opting in favor of molding individual corners or something. I’m not certain of that so don’t quote me on that.

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That’s correct, slope placement is something we made available to the community so they could get creative, but is by no means the intended way to use it. There will be a much better system in the future to allow you to do this.


YaY for that :smile:

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