[Vlahamak] --[Shock Tier 5 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


Not saying this is the only place for these items but it is A location:

Also I thought the EXO planets had 34 regions??? This one had 30.



Oh yeah… pretty colors and lots of goo in easy reach! :smiley: Yep, Paka is a happy camper… and a happy me is a generous one so I’m sure I’ll be doling out lots of cheap goo seeds a little at a time on my plinth soon. :wink:


Please tell me location of caves I can’t find them anywhere I keep getting lost lol



Use an atlas with a goo kernel in them and dig straight down to a hot spot. Be caution while you under alt 20 use your grapple on a wall so you don’t fall into lava.


WOW!!! :smiley: My heart be still! LOL!


A few more… the place in the bottom two shots is really cool I thought. :slight_smile: Also love the gleam trees on this world.


This is a neat planet, sort of a subterranean feel but not completely


Returned for a bit for some of the nice goo kernels… plenty left here on this beautiful exo. :slight_smile:


So disappointed. Finally a world with a great colour of gleam and i found practically none. I ended up getting 81 blocks, and thats using regen bombs.
Pretty world though…
The colour palletes are lovely, it just really really sucks that there are duplicate colours 80% of the time.


They rip off my tree build. :stuck_out_tongue:


ah yes I found gleam pit eventually/ It was slow going but better than climbing the trees.


Wait- gleam pit? Where? I couldn’t find any outside trees.


Ya its like a big crater. Theres a single one and a double one that I’ve found. I had iron bombs and was able to regen all of the gleam from the middle :+1: