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What color goo is here?

Same as the rock, I believe

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If someone could get my sick butt a stack of 200 glowcaps I’d be eternally grateful, because I don’t think I have the irl stamina to go to a T7 exo yet.

I have a req basket for caps outside my portal on Dzassak, and would be very happy since 71 is my favourite color tone in the game.


what you paying? I have been selling them around 500c each in malls. If youre close to that, ill get you 200+

I would definitely not be able to pay anything near that much. I don’t even have 30k right now. xcx;

As penance for my past slaughters, I was collecting them for you as I’ve been wandering just now - unfortunately, either someone had the same idea (or warned them I was coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) since I didn’t see hardly any at all. :frowning: But I’ve got ten for you. How do I get to your portal? Thanks! Hope you feel better soon!

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It’s “Hallownest” at the RTG hub on Dzassak. The TNT portal to the planet leads right to that area.

Shame that people are taking to destroying the unique exo mushroom colors though. :c

Thank you though, I really do appreciate the help, since right now I’m barely sitting around my build.
Been slowly working on the place for a little, while considering laying down again soon.
I keep a basket just outside the portal on my side of it, but it hasn’t been very popular. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

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Ok, dropped 'em off! :smiley:

Your farm is beautiful! :slight_smile:

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Has Somebody a good Farming Spot for Fossils ?
Some coordinates?
I want to Go to the Exo in 4 hours .
I need Tons of IT :grin::grin::grin:

But there the best one’s lol

I’ll have at least a few more later… I’m wandering it again mapping the amethyst spots. Figure that the regular gems seem in big demand on my stands and will get a lot else going for them. Anyways, found five so far, hoping for a little more.

Understand not wanting having the stamina to play sick, for sure. :frowning: Hope it is better today!

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Thank you. <3
Hoping for it to some day be more than a hole in the ground, but I’m very happy you like what I have so far!

Sadly, naw, I’m feeling slightly the same today.

Wondering if I should see the doc about it Monday, unless it’s already gone by then.

I’m very appreciative of the shrooms, by the way. Missed the last three exos or so because of this week’s ‘fun’. :joy:

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Just dropped off 14! :smiley: Glad I could help, wish I could have found more!!

Yep, I’d say get in to see someone if you don’t feel better by tomorrow! :frowning:

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Hope u feel better! What’s wrong?

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If any are interested in a taxi later this evening, let me know. Per this thread-

I’m going to try to start offering rides to the exos if I’m not going spur of the moment or in a real rush (like when they first drop, lol). They are pricey and I want to help out, especially knowing coin can be limited.

Or if anybody wants a ride to any exo just ask. I’ll figure out a time even if I’m not around. :slight_smile:

If anyone needs a ride I might hit up vlahules in an hour or two


Eh nothing big just some severe flu I’ve had for a week now. No worries, it’s just draining.

Somebody on the Planet right now ?
I ve Meteor Level 2 , perhaps someone ist intressted?

Coordinates are 794N-724O hight 78

i spent like 3 hours on this dumb planet looking for umbris, all i got was 13 ore and a lot of eye strain from the red atmosphere combined with bright magenta blocks.

nice rock tho. add it to the pile

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