Voice chat addition


Following my last topic, will this ever be a thing? I love the idea of being able to talk to people nearby


I like the idea for sure. :slight_smile: I’m on PS4 and I can’t really use discord since my computer is in another room and my phone is a dinosaur, there are probably some players younger than it! Before too long I want to pick up a new computer that will run Boundless though.


Oh I miss PC gaming so much!! But my PC is long gone :frowning:
I hope they add it one day… it adds to the community feel and even with my controller keypad it’s so tedious typing replies. especially when you’re too slow and they’ve gone hahaha


You not gonna beat my nokia 3310


You can build one for ~600! If you have any experience with legos or snap and plays then you can put one together! And if you’re uncomfortable doing that then there many many step by step videos on how to do one, or a lot of pc shops will assemble it for you for a fee.

My middle kid wants one for Christmas so her presents will be parts and then my present will be getting to do something with her for a few hours! Ha.


The way it works in ESO is pretty good. Can listen to or mute whatever channels. Cyrodiil (PvP area) would be quite tough without it.

Downside is when you DO want to listen to someone/something and there is always that one person who has to grace you with their singing. Nothing to quite set the mood for an epic adventure on the Altmer’s isles than xXLeetSniper420Xx’s serenades… :unamused:
But then, not to be too much of a hypocrite, people listening to me would end up hearing a lot of meowing from my cats and me talking to them. :wink:

Yeah, got me there, I’ve got a Samsung Brightside. :rofl: I think it is close to 7 years old now?


Thanks!! :slight_smile: Appreciate the info! I need all the help I can get with this stuff. Sort of considering a laptop so I can take it to work with me for breaks and all, looking at the min specs on Steam seems there are some online that might do the trick in the $250 range, refurbs of course, but not sure. Sort of leaning that way though.


You can get a USB keyboard and plug it in to your PS4. Makes in game chat so much easier. You can even control the game from the keyboard.

And F10 hides the HUD so you can get better screenshots.


I’ve got a keyboard that attaches to my controller, but it’s temperamental and disconnects. I think I may get a general PC keyboard and connect that!


would love this ingame above using discord
and then the girls stop scaring me like crazy when they type /wave


hey ive been playing on this thing image
since i got the game
i play laying down in my couch this things gives me perfect control off mouse and acces to fast typing
and menu’s
size is perfect (caveman hands tested)
also awsome for websurfing on tv
ow and touchpad is perfect for precise building
for hunting i dunno im not a hunter


There is voice chat in ESO?
I’ll have to look for that.


I’m on PS4 only, but IIRC I think PC actually doesn’t have it… I think? On PS4, voice chat is on by default, but the chat box isn’t, actually took me awhile to figure out the latter, sort of like here where I ignored PM’s for awhile since I didn’t know I had them. :flushed: Oops. Anyways, in ESO, each guild gets it’s own channel, so that is especially useful. And in Cyrodiil, you can only hear those in your own alliance (often spies though of course).

In ESO, one thing I usually make a point of doing when someone has their music on is to go up to them and do one of the dance emotes. :joy: