Volatile Protection warning not disappearing

See screenshot, we are no longer on a planet with volatile protection needed.

Encase more info is useful, he was first on the planet with no protection, then put the protection on for the planet and the warning remained, even after leaving the planet.

Which world was he on? Did this message always appear, or only via certain portals or warps?

The message was stuck above his head since he turned protection on for the planet (he turned it on whilst in the volatile atmosphere). I think the planet was Hoculous I (not sure exactly how you spell it).

It’s not going to be Houchus I, as that world has Potent Atmosphere. In any case, I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Did he leave the world via a portal, or another way?

sorry i have forgotten the would, i can go in game to find out, i have never seen this before and have done the same many times… will see if i find a way to reproduce…

It was Houchus I that we were mining from, we had run through all the planets in the ultima hub network you need to get to Houchus I and he had no protection for any of them, he then put on protection for Houchus I, and was left with that warning. Will try reproduce when I’m online with someone else again.