I made a little Voxel Ben kiddo :smile:


The dev Ben? @ben

: ) Yeah. What do you think - is it ‘appropriate’ ?

I like it, I was just tagging him so he could see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cool! But why do I look like I’m balding :haircut:


I always put on too much hair in my drawings. I’m overidealizing, probably. Is typical for comics.
But u’re a good showie still, and I liked the interview. And the hat is ready washed. And,and,and…
Be happy - you’re a pretty vibrant person as far as I recall.

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You are probably starting young. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmf…well. Yes, Got it wrong there. Scusa. Ure not balding in this pitcha. Is supposed to be a shimmer of light :confused:

I give you Derelicte!!!

Da real 'ik ???

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Za tire.

I’m not sure if I should be watching this cries

I was making a friendly joke about the fact that you were drawing him as less than Ideal.

You mean in my verbabble?

I’m not sure what a “verbabble”, sorry.

I wanted the drawing to look cute. A sense for amazement. Often drawing process is unintentional - occuring failed lines and rearranging them, leading to a sometimes unforseeable outcome.

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I can relate to that. That pretty much sums up my map making experience.

I think this is one of the most desirable aspects in Oort. The map generator. It doesn’t run really well on my computer - rendering times are vast. It is not so easy. Though an approach to be rather intuitive than a script based editor.

Errr because he knows the truth?

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