W.B.T's ( World Boss Titans )

been thinking of this idea for a very long time and ive seen a little chatter on it in the forums, id be really cool to have final boss titans, or a series of main quests that lead you to the final boss of ruchs or lleb, a final boss that takes different phases and forms before defeating with a large groups of friends, final bosses would really solidify the ‘mmorpg’ aspect of the game.

for the most part the actual final boss wouldn’t be hidden, but rather a giant castle/fortress of some kind, its far away from capital but can by quite a distance, but that can only be entered threw completing the main quest of the world, inside would house traps,hidden passages to treasure and mini bosses alike that would challenge you and your teams skills. the actual tower and final boss itself, difficulty wise, would be just like any other game ( *ie - if your on a tier two world, the final boss titan will be harder then tier 3 but slightly less harder then tier 4’s normal creatures and titans on aggro health and damage dealt *)

Upon defeating the final boss titan, it always drop two items :one set of a random tier world shards that is always +1 higher then the current tier you are on and a unique boss drop recipe (whatever weapon recipe you obtain from the drop, even if its the same weapon type, it always look and be different in stats when made) the final boss will have some of the materials you need to make your new recipe, the rest you have to obtain in the new world.

extra content: threw out the worlds you will find information on each titans story, background and even chest locations with rare loot that will only spawn once you have the completed the main quest, final boss, and 75% of the bosses lore obtained

so what you do you guys think? what would you change of my idea? do you like it? i want to hear the great ideas others have :smile:

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The idea sounds good, but there may be two problems or adjustments that have to be done: …

  1. We don’t know if there will be any “quests” like in other games so may be that part would be handled different. May be you can get a token for a special portal/warp to the world where the “boss” lives, but have to gather some rare mats especially for this portal. In that world (that may be instanced) you cannot build a beacon and no permanent portal. On that world the boss would have it’s lair like you planed (may be protected by a beacon to avoid exploits or tricks by the players)

  2. Why not put those bosses at the end of the line: As a even more harder deed for players that reached the final tier. That would add a great opportunity for a style of end game that would let the players stay at Oort and play on. There are many ppl who will play Oort more for the adventure then for the crafting and on this way you will give them exactly what they want :wink:

PS.: Reading it again, rhe idea sounds similar to the ender dragon at MC ;D

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  1. as another option i thought of that, maybe having titans have rare " F.B.T token pieces ) or having to craft materials but i did not want the aspect of getting the the boss token drop be so tedious or risky, a player could make you drop stacks of cash just for one material that you up and find moments later, you could even become more powerful then the tier finals boss itself but lack the materials to make the portal/key, i feel like alot of people would skip final bosses for ones that favour what materials you have.
    so, i feel like the quest system would be the best option ive come
    up with as it takes less grinding and gives you the freedom to move
    away from the quest to explore and do other things, and the quest themselves would take you all across what planet your on, rather then make you center to one spot for hours for a rare drop.

  2. yea i was about to say XD

there wont be quests in the common sense as a ‘‘go get me 10 bear asses’’ there will be some kind of story though, i proposed in another chat to have normal titans which arents as hard and then ‘‘Ancient Titans’’ which is the same as a raid boss, the thing that would take 10 people with insane skills to kill and even then it would be hard.

i dont think there in that sense should be ONE specific final boss, but more like a type of boss which is hard but there is more off.

PS: the thing you have to remember is that the servers are located in different areas, so if you try to force it to be on a european server then all australian and US players cant do it because the ping might be too high, same the other way around.

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Adding a final boss would make the game quite boring once it’s beat, in my taste.

Question: do you actually want Oort Online to feel like it has an ‘end’, a ‘final boss’ or whatever?

there needs to be some sort of cap doesnt there?

if not then it will end like this when you try to fight a high level

or do you plan to keep creating infinite tears of worlds instead?

i wouldnt mind, i like infinite progression, but there should be a point where you dont get any stronger but you can keep leveling other skills for example.

also no I dont want to have a ‘‘final boss’’ but i would like to have '‘end game bosses’ :smiley:

Dude, that’s the whole idea. You get sick strong and people have a hard time beating you. Of course we need a cap, but we don’t want an end. It would just make the whole experience feel like a race to see the ending first.
Hard Bosses? Sure.
Final game bosses? Nope.

isnt that what i wrote?

Depends on what you mean with end bosses.

The person who made the post wants 1 specific boss.

i just want the ability to fight Ancient Titans that funtions like a raid boss when i get good enough.

Also think in one Little thing this game it’s going to be an RPG/Sandbox/MMO you can pun a limit, ok friend and i really aggree with that :smiley:
But at some point the monsters instead of having more life/hitting hard (i also think from tier to tier shouldn’t be a really big diference, but that isn’t our topic XD) just be more mobile, or with a better AI, a bit randomized in the daily world events, etc.

can you please try to rephrase that? >.<

Well resumed XD

I have said that monsters will not be really diferent (in terms of health and damange) from tier to tier, just change spawn rates, AI, and in the thing of daily worlds make them a bit random, not just more tier more damange until infinite, just more needing of be a better player not a more leveled player.

Aslo i don’t know why but my other comment its cutted and i will fix some of the… errors that i didn’t write ._.

They should become stronger, have more health, and hit harder, thats the general idea of progression and the easiest way to make someting a challenge. if you make it so there is no difference then there is no reason to go up tiers because its going to be the same fight, is it not?

i dont think tiers will be infinite in that sense, but they will work as a guider on your general level.

Yes they should do that, but i mean that it shouldn’t be limited to just that, you can make bigger groups, and AI for chase the player and try to make (yes it would be really hard) the player face more enemys and that things, but not just.


So you think it would be better to just force a zerg rush on players every time they fight?

this would completely destroy any use of single target weapons or fighting styles, so that would include archery, 1hand weapons, sword and board. the only thing which would be viable is 2 hand weapons and magic. because they can aoe.

The creatures should become stronger, but also progressively increase in group size so you have 2 or 3 enemies to fight at once higher up. while they are still stronger.

also not progressing how hard the enemies are would also make character progression be small and mean basically nothing. you need to keep a difference on low level players and high level players.

I’m not meaning that, but a balance, yes we can have harder mobs, but i think having not so hard mobs but on groups will be intresting.

Also 2 hande weapons don’t need to have an AOE, you are thinking about this game as if it is going to be a WoW game, its going to be more like(i Think) (in combat terms) Mount and Blade (i mean the way, not the combat mechanics)

I don’t think of an end, but of more “higher levels” coming through the even stronger titans. On this way you add more end game content. If there are not only one but more of them it would be even better :wink: … May be those titans also drop special tokens to get to even stronger ones. Let not the game decide if there is a maximum possible, let the players get to their limits :wink: (Like the idea of the Hard Mode in Guild Wars 1, but with not only one but more higher modes :wink: )

This thread has been really interesting to follow, so I’ve made a post about design! Take a look here:


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