W.B.T's ( World Boss Titans )

Well, with the new information at hand, we can safely say titans are going to be in-depthed more, but we have to go small thoughts here. How about we talk about just having a titan boss per world, nothing extreme, and then perfect it?

they already talked about titans being required and when asked if they had only one they answere ‘‘1 type’’, later when asked about if they were instanced they said no. and if they were in a cave they said no, an area.

so titans are going to require a bit of teamwork, but nothing mindblowing, that is why i am still hoping for a super pumped up end game titan xD

We perfer not instancing them at the moment, but we don’t know for sure how they’ll work.

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The conlusion is wrong and if it was only a guess I hope you guessed wrong.

It could as well be 1 Type of Titan which is very hard and requires good teamwork or insane solo capabilities.

In terms of making a long lasting game with 20 people I’d say infinite tiers would be a good but easy way to achieve that. And yes I want to be Kirito^^ Superskilling was already mentioned in another thread. But it might take some changes an tweaking to make it work in an RPG Sandbox MMO (Shouldn’t we just call it MMORPGS?)

i didint think this post would get such buzz :smile:

no @Zouls and @meteoriteman what i’m suggesting is a boss of bosses for most of the worlds, this boss would of had some kind of influence to why the world is, rather then you running around worlds trying to find titans to kill, waiting for titans to respawn,etc, you can still go and kill big titans and whatnot but if you wanted to go on some big quest to defeat the worlds big boss then you could…

this boss wouldn’t have just high health and damage, it would be unique to each world, maybe its a giant octopi that’s slowly grows into a Cthulhu type beast , a dead king, sworn to protect this castle, that sorta thing

@ben i was just thinking of other ways for titans to implemented in a way would deture people from just " titan grinding" for i think it would be cool later on ( beyond1.0 ) to have these titans that really test your gear and whatnot, could have these hyped up trailers and whatnot, just an idea really, dontexpect it to become anything other then ideas for you guys to think about or look at when the time comes :yum:

Did you read the post I made about Lore and such? check it out, since we have the same vague idea.