Waayy to many tabs eh?

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Some have many tabs some have none what how many tabs do you have in your browser?

What? that is a lot of tabs? I cleaned my firefox at one point and removed around 200 tabs and was left with the 50 i used most.

i usually float between 10-20
I wouldn’t consider 10-20 a lot, but I would consider more than 25-40 a lot


I am on a borrowed computer so I needed to restrict myself to 19 tabs by the time :frowning:

Usually just 3 open, but depending on what I´m currently doing numbers may differ. I like to keep things clean so very rarely 5 or more open unless I´m doing work that needs material for analysis. Yesterday when I did some Oort building blueprints and translated japanese manga to english while having clan chat on upcoming World of Tanks update I had 70 tabs open as some where for 3D modeling software and some where photos and real blueprints that I used for room planning.

I clean all tabs when not using computer or I leave. I have no performance problems even if I had 200 youtube videos going, but why have extra tabs when you currently use few.

Right now my tabs are; Oort online forums, crunchyroll anime service website, youtube and google translate for russian to english, because I just recently started to study russian.


Holy multitasking!

70 tabs?

why would you need more than 5, ever?

For lots of pictures about squares with lines or jam.

(I like jam. Soon making thread about jam here called jam thread)


Meh when i am doing work on my Pen and Paper worlds I am doing at least 20 tabs for rules and different videos and information sources i found.

I sometimes end up with around a hundred because my world runs wild,

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I must be super OCD, because I’m using one tab right now.


(Chanting) End tab abuse!!
Lol, that’s crazy to me! I use a dual screen set up and it’s still rare that I ever have more than 3-4 tabs open at once.

Oh god if I had two screens at my disposal i would have enven less reason to remove tabs :smiley:

It´s evil to use to more screens that you have current usage.

(I say this only, because I don´t use more than 1 screen unless stuff like I said below)

I find use for my 1(/2)+1 screen set up only when doing something with clan so I have 1st screen free for actual game, all info and statuses on 2nd and 3rd for minimap or strategic view.

My god man, close some tabs!

I have twice as many tabs open at all times… >_>

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What is WRONG with you people??? Your poor computers! End tab abuse now!

I currently have 16 tabs open in one browser and 3 in another on a different monitor. I can have as many as 25-30 tabs open at times but I do tidy up every now and then.

You monsters!


We should probably deletes those comments and make an off-topic thread about tabs…

I used to be a criminal tab offender…like, 20-30 tabs on 8-10 windows each…but then my brother and my wife ganged up on me and staged a tab intervention. #notkidding T_T I’m much better now, I try to stick to only 1 window, and close things when I’m done with them.

Every tabs takes resources from your system (memory and cpu cycles) especially if they’re web apps such as gmail. So if you want to gradually grind to a halt you know what to do… (Seriously. This many tabs will steal perf.)


I second this