Wall lighting issue

The walls, slabs, and blocks I am grappled to are all the same color, but any walls I place there get super harsh shadows and don’t look right.

It seems to look normal if I place them in the same pattern on the ground, so I can’t tell what is causing it to do that in this spot. I have already removed any light sources nearby, and time of day doesn’t affect it.

**the wood I am NOT grappled to actually is a darker shade - and I have rechecked countless times… I didn’t mix up the colors


This may or may not be this issue https://forum.oortonline.com/t/ancient-timber-is-wonky/1656

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I saw the same thing too…

if this helps :open_mouth:


Interestingly, HOW you place the wall slab can affect if this shadow bug affects it or not, since the pattern is rotatable like logs. Try placing it differently?


Good call but it didn’t change it. I tried placing it on the different surrounding blocks but it always has the same dark shadow.

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Thanks. The game does some relatively sophisticated lighting and it has a few limitations. You might be hitting one here. I’d like to confirm if it’s a bug or a current limitation.

Can you share the world and coordinates so that we can check it out?

PM’d coordinates. This is the other wall I referred to, the wall block on the left side faces the same direction (with same bad shadow) the one on the right faces the opposite direction and has normal lighting with the same block pattern.

**In case you go investigate - the lights inside don’t affect it, they were placed afterwards