Want a place at tnt megahub

@MrNiX i’d like a 4x4 plot space t the road SW square or any region around the perimeter of the main hub with no builds. I wanna make a permanent home there. if you don’t have my options, I’ll stick to my home. I just wanna “one jump to anywhere” :wink: the specific spot i want for my tower is the 4x4 plot space of -1419 N, -2025e alt: 69. then i could build my big tower and give the city a lot of prestige!

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You know there is a PM function right :wink:

It’s currently TNT policy to not give out plots near the hub. There might be space at New Nixia though!


@LunaiHunter only full members of TNT can own and build on hub adjacent land.

If you would like convenient access to the hub, please visit the new nixia town portal on the ground floor of the hub and look for an available spot.

We pay for the portal that leads back to the megahub so it might be 2 jumps before your final destination but they are free.


Ye this aint no charity!
Those plots are for Og s :crazy_face:


Hi @LunaiHunter

Yeah I know we talked about this before. The reason we dont give these to anybody other than founders is that it prevents us from doing hub modifications. We need direct control of about 5 plots in any direction as the hub “stuffs” extends underground and needs room for expansion. We have had serious issues with this in the past, even with founders and almost moved the entire city because of it recently. Its also the reason we couldn’t widen the walkways or put a mob protection roof over the hub. Also the plotting is very complex as I showed you and there does not exist a 4x4 area not in use. Although the use may be under ground. None of these uses include personal bases except one space I gave a member a long time ago and which we now need to reclaim as the person has been busy in RL for months. We’ve honestly spent almost a year regaining control on some of these plots so that we can update the hub…

I dont mind public questions, thats fine don’t worry. It helps others if they have similar questions. If you want a base, that can be done, we now have access to a lot of plots we didn’t before, and if its ok to be a few blocks back from the hub there is space. Also, I know you. So if you want a warp point by the hub we might be able to figure something out.


oh ok. but seriously, the 4x4 plot area needs some modifications :stuck_out_tongue: Could fit a few million prestige in that space.