Want some Games? (Leftovers of an Humble Bundle)

Hey Guys!

I have some keys, I dont know if they all work but here they are! Get them if you want, Let’s make it an little surprise and put only the keys in here! :wink:

What game will you get? Who knows? … Actually I do, but whatever.



Tell me if they worked ^^

EDIT: Made it General so everyone can see it, changing bck to Off Toppic as soon as all keys are gone.

I took this one, got MirrorMoon EP! I guess everything Moon-related gets to me this way or another :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, dude! I’ll try to repay the favor somehow.

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No need to, there was only One copy of that Game lol :smiley:

Oh my, is this a sign from above? :smiley:

Who knows, maybe? :smiley:

I think one guy used them all without saying :frowning:

I honestly used just the one I quoted in my message.
But yeah, someone could use all the codes just for himself - maybe it’d be better if Opulus sent them one at a time via private messages.

Its 3 diffrent Games, one can not have used all keys ^^ Maybe o4 people got one game already but its not fair if they dont say they got it, thats right. But yeah, it happens

Dammit, all used.

Such Darude