Want to buy advanced power coils!


If youve got them i want them! Let me know if anyone is willing to make a bunch of advanced power coils. You will be well compensated for your work.


I would also like to buy Advanced Power Coils, as I won’t have the Engines skills unlocked. :slight_smile:


Wait a couple more days and I’m sure you’ll start seeing them :). Make sure to check out the calculator to make sure you’re aware of the prices!


Haha i know they are ganna be pricy but its worth it. I can craft it but i dislike the process and i dont have the tech parts for it. So i guess if anyone had tech components and devices for sale ill gladly buy them too :smiley:


I will have 1 spare soonish, just need some more silver for a mass craft


Sign me up as well


Sweet let me know ill gladly buy it!


Selling T2 Compactors and Workbenches at my place! Get em while they’re hot!


Where might this be?


Our Gemporium! They went by fast. We should have some more in stock by the end of today :slight_smile:


Good to hear. :slight_smile: In what city does your shop exist?


We are in Berlyn! Check out our forum posts for more info :slight_smile:


Keep them coming!!! Im ganna need atleast 15 for each machine


Who is selling powercoils?? Sly is all out…I would like to buy for all machines!


We have many more in the back :stuck_out_tongue: I will get on and let you know.


I still need some for the MIXER!!