Want to open my shop?


just found it :+1:


Can you explain a little what you’re expecting to happen?
Are you saying it doesn’t get done at all when you request a scan, or it doesn’t get done soon enough, or often enough?

The bot pings scanners 2 days after a shop was last scanned. Generally, this means it will be scanned again (by unpaid volunteers) before the order expires on the website. Sometimes, nobody feels like running around to 18 random stores on 12 different planets trying to follow some of the most obscure directions imaginable, in some cases through portals that have closed, or to shops that are not shops at all, and occasionally enduring other ridiculous shenanigans.

Additional unrequired sarcasm.


I think it just comes down to less players and people not playing as often. The scanner was used a lot more when it was first introduced compared to now. Maybe people stopped using it as well because of the website still not being adjusted for decimals.

But I remember when there was barley any place on there under 2 days till expired because of how many people used it. So it has to come down to less use, less players, and or someone pissed people off and now they refuse to use the scanner. It really could be any of those three things or all of those three things.


It just hasn’t been consistent and as a PS4 player we are at a disadvantage because we can’t scan ourselves.

I do appreciate that people do it on their own time. I just think we need an in game solution.