Want to trade a couple bits [COMPLETE]

I am looking for an excessive amount of Workbench coils and have run out of money. So I have searched ALL of my chests and found some stuff that makes sense to trade, if you’re interested, comment below!

  • Trading MY coils, for YOUR workbench Coils
  • Trading MY rough gems, for YOUR rough diamonds
  • Trading MY compact gems, for YOUR compact diamonds/rubies

20 Advanced Extractor Coils
27 Advanced Compactor Coils

21 Compact Emeralds
11 Compact Saphires

3978 Rough Saphires
685 Rough Topaz
251 Rough Amethyst
69 Rough Emeralds

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How Many Coils Did You need Ovis-chan @Ovis

1,000,000 ish

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(O.O) adv coils?

Yeh lol, you got some you wanna trade?

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What you building with soo many lol

Haha I don’t need 1,000,000 but I need a bunch for playing around with stuffs

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I can’t find you (^-^)

TNT network 1 minutes!

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@BabyCookie <3

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Was was was that enough (^-^)

Ermm… i’d say so :wink: Very much appreciated!

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