Wanted all green UPDATE

I will be starting a build that needs all shades green of the flowing:

Flowers ~All types 40 each
Grass ~All types 80 each
Shrooms ~ All types 40 or more each
Boulders ~ All types 10 each
Tangle ~ SS
Growth ~ SS
Thorns ~SS

Greens I’m looking for:


Please don’t break my bank.

This is a project that after the main build can take its time as I collect the green.

The numbers can be plus or minus a few when comes to flowers.

If I can get higher numbers on grass it will be helpful but would take time to make sure I can afford.

Green Ghost flowers done!!


Wish I saw this earlier, I won’t be on again til tomorrow evening, but I’m happy to help if I can!

A little clarification tho…for example:

There are many shades of green, is it 40 of each shade of each flower, or a mix totalling 40? If no one beats me to it, I’ll check what I have tomorrow, and can farm up some more easy enough :grin:

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I’d like to get every flower in the best green shades. If need I can find the color chart to narrow the greens down.


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Have you checked out Ki’Rin Co. - New Cactus, Aloba, and Desert Sword colors in stock! yet? I know they often have lots of color options for those things.


what he meant was that you can change chisel grass types ,

@DarkQueen give me a few… going through my huge storage picking out all the greens… I will let you know when I’m done :slight_smile: I won’t have the exact amounts but hey FREE is something you can’t say no to :stuck_out_tongue:

When you say all green do you mean just green or you mean lime,moss and mint as well? @DarkQueen

I’ll need to check my shop stands and storage when I get on later this evening. But i do have many varieties of colors of all flowers and fungus. My base is at the Lutrion Portal at TNT. When you come up out of my portal hub area, turn to your leftist and go a Few building over. It’s the one with the glass roof called Phyre’s Florals. All the shop stands are down stairs, you will see a sign to go down.

@DarkQueen I got a few of the greens you need… not in total amount you are asking for but you can have what I have free of charge for your project :slight_smile:

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I’ll be on shortly, where would you like to meet?


This is what I have in my mess of a storage area lol

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I live in Angel I Lil’ Porkchop. you can take TNT and above their vault there is my portal :slight_smile:

Sorry you just wanted GREEN correct? or did you want Mints, Limes, Moss ??

On my way need to clean out my bags

I’m a little white rabbit


Just greens


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