Warm colors were cold

First thing that came in the head - wow
But change is very strange.
little bit of screenshots.

Hm… Green stone??

Brown dirt became green and the world has changed for the worse (the last cube in the screenshot)


The result. My castle became dead because green stone or green lighting.

And my world - cshrime turned into green

Very strange sensations

Change always takes some getting used to. I’ve made a post explaining the colour changes.

There’s the full gamut of colours across stone, clay, sand etc. It’ll require some rebuilding but you can get it looking like the original. If you want warm lights there’s yellow and light yellow gleam. It’s chnage colours or wipe the servers. I’m sure you’d prefer our efforts to keep things ticking :smile:

IMHO: it looks a lot better, even if you weren’t after green.

I think the new colours look more natural overall. I hadn’t noticed it before but they were over saturated. You guys have done a fantastic job with the new ones.

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I like the new lighting though. Even though it’s a bit colder it looks nicer.

At least someone likes them :wink:


I think a mayor advancement would be brighter lanterns or other light sources. I see that the new textures made many corners of the world a bit darker. But there is nothing final by now, so later we will have more ways to reach the look we want to have in our beacons, I’m sure :wink:

I think this is one of those times Change is an ok thing.

I was building myself a normal castle of grey stone. But now it have become as necromant’s den. Normal stone have become green. Normal ground have become green. Monotonous world. no contrast.
At the beginning i was looking for a colour matching world, but now my eyes hurt.

Before and after )

I understand that is useless to argue.
you do the game =)

I understand that it can be disapointing when you got a good place for a sweet building and then the change transforms it to something you didn’t had chosen if you knew before, but at least there was no world wipe I experienced in many other games on such great changes (or worst: MC with it’s hundrets of tiny patches wich all made all the mods stop working ^^). I wonder how the bouncy blocks will change in the future, cuz I’m just building a whole theme park with those ^^

@hranica Not sure if you saw my post on the colours, we’re not done yet. This is the first update, there will be lots more and it’s by no means done or perfect. What world are you on?

One thing to mention, the Oort universe is vast and disparate. That means different hues and tones can’t have earth colours everywhere :smile:

Don’t forget you can grab other colours from other worlds and build pretty much anything :blush: even cooler if you do it in a different palette to your world, really stands out.

Really)) Change blocks of mountain or rebuild my castle this slow pickaxe =) Only still my stone will turn gray in another world.