Warning Dialogs in the Centraforge


I understand this may injure the ‘mystique’ for some however it would be good for QoL and learning forgers if the forge were to give an indication when an ingredient will not perform as described due to other constraints in the system.

As an example when Boon Removal solvent is applied, and due to the size limit of the points pool on the slider, boon points will be discarded/unavailable after the solvent is used.

Another example would be using a setting resin when no traits are available to set. A dialog that says something to the effect of “No traits are available to be set onto this item. Do you still wish to apply the setting resin (yes)(no)?”

I understand that in both of these scenarios there are times when the described effects are desirable.

Nevertheless I suggest that there be a warning when the use of the ingredient will fail or have no effect due to known constraints.