Warning of Player


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please censor the players name, naming is against the Code of Conduct.
If you have trouble with a player use the ingame report function or get in contact with the support.

have a nice day.


Also, never give permissions of important things to a player you don’t know…


i’ve already encountered him/her he has plotted an entire area sw of my settlement and filled 90% of with just gleam and even built a road from his settlement right to my settlement’s walls merging my settlement with his, i’m surprised they haven’t tried to absorb sujestica (spelling?) as well, since they have built a road close to it.


Thanks for the heads up.


We are on the look out thanks


I give this Player no Rights , but 2 friend of me, and now robbed, and he build the stuff own bis town, i have see and have Screenshots was he build.
And the player have a 2 Playstation Account.


Etch wie a Friends in de Game, im Darth Pain :wink:


Hi Darth! Thought it was you. I hope this guy hasn’t damaged River Towns.


And are you Etch? on Gellis? my neighbour :slight_smile:

Funny, since Darth was my neighbour on Arie!


If he gleam bombs you, drop about 2k decro gem blocks on top of him. He will stop (I keep a supply stored just for this)


isnt there a penalty for using same stuff repeatedly?
thought dev’s added that in one off the updates awhile back


Always has been a penality, but atm I am pretty sure decro gem blocks still have the highest value and thus would trump the gleam bombs.


Yeah and it hurts.

What it does is deduct/remove from a prestige multiplier.


Even though the post has been flagged it’s still possible to see the player name which is against the CoC. This thread will be removed