Warp Augment bug?

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Since after update i can’t warp with distortion augment only work with sovereign worlds.

Another user on discord was having the same issue. Unable to use warp augments on non-sovereign/creative world planets. This appears to be an EU specific issue as on the US-East Side, I have no issues.

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I’ve not been able to reproduce the issue from the video. Is this still happening and does it also occur when trying this on another world?

Was that your comment from two days on the community support channel, or another player’s comment?

We are 3 having the same issue that day. Now it’s all good @vdragon probably caused by connection issues or lags.

Looks like it just happened on that day. I came back yesterday to the same planet and had the option to warp to another planet.

It was another user on discord who initially reported the bug S5 Key 82 but they did confirm that they were able to use the warp augment from Dazzak to another non-sovereign planet without issue at a later time.

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