Warp chests


I suspect there is a deliberate intention from the devs to keep away from a ‘shared’ storage, ie a multiple chests that can access a single large storage area.

But if we had warp chests that were fueled by oort, I think that would be in keeping with the feel of the game?

Without fuel it could act as a normal large storage, but if it’s fuelled you can access your other fuelled storage.

Maybe could also follow beacon permissions, so if char 1 has permissions on beacon 1 and 2, and char 2 has permissions on beacon 1 and 2, then warp chest placed in beacon 1 and 2 are linked and inventory for both can be accessed by char 1 and 2 in beacon 1 and 2.


I like this, a bit like an Enderchest in MC!

Fuelling with oort seems reasonable, I’d love any extra storage ideas as we’re a little limited at the moment. though I do love being able to see what’s in each block/shelf I wouldn’t mind having a large storage chest that doesn’t show you bit contains a lot more storage…