Warp Conduit Fuel


There have been a few discussions about warp conduit prices to jump from planet to planet. After seeing the amount of new planets we have I think we should get away from using “coin” as the definition of how we pay for warping between places using black portal conduits. Yes it is only 100 coin but it can get very expensive jumping to larger planets… so that causes people to not jump.

While at some level I am not sure I want another item to craft, I think it would be better to have a fuel you apply to the conduits or something else besides coin. Coin can become a limiting factor to some people especially if they are not around an “economy” to generate it or don’t play enough to have the feats kick off (which do get harder and harder).

So by moving portal conduits “warp costs” to a renewable item or resource that is a bit easier to obtain and stays truly unlimited, it empowers people to use warp conduits more. I noticed this on the hunting planets that we saw how much I might be warping from planet to planet. Being able to craft fuel to jump would make it a bit more in line with the “normal portal fuel” we have for the portal networks.

We could easily have 1 fuel for a jump that you add to the conduit. Maybe it is 2 fuel blocks for 3 blinksec, or more for farther distances. Or maybe we have different types of fuel for longer distances.

I don’t know, but I still believe a renewable and obtainable resources feels more supportive of warping than a coin. (e.g. get some leaves, wood, maybe something else, hit craft… instant fuel.). No worries about burning through my cash or having to “sell something” to jump to any planet I wanted. We make “warp augments”, we make “warp conduits”, we make “warp portal fuel” for portal networks. Why is warp conduits using cash instead of just using a fuel…


There is already an answer for cheepskates in game that don’t want to burn there coin and that is to use the Portal Network that players will be putting up…

Reminder: Its Portal Seekers goal as a guild to link Every last planet with a portal hub… so while you may have to wait a little while you will be able to freely travel to all the places that portal seekers will unlock for you for free…

This is the system of allowing for free travel that is already in the game, we do not need another system…


If I want to use a portal network I will bring back my own which was great. Also, I didn’t ask for a “free travel” system.

I figured there would be some people that missed my point and come up with answers that don’t address what I was communicating.

I’m pretty sure the devs will get it though and if they are interested and see the value of moving travel from a coin medium to a crafting medium like every other component in the game is, then they will implement it. Fuel like that adds a more dynamic nature to the game that is inline with everything else versus a weird thing of paying coin for travel. Coin is used in the economy.


Removing coin from the game is an important part of reducing inflation, so I would prefer not to see this personally.


I’m with you Xaldafax…
on the hunting server I recently just travelled to a planet that I needed a couple more pieces of gleam to finish a small part of a build and all of a sudden I was 4 grand poorer. I only came to this universe with 20k and I DEFINITELY won’t be making enough to sustain any travelling.
and Sulfur, this game is said to be soloable as well, plus what if we ARE the people setting up these portals? we HAVE to warp, we have no other choice.


The hunting server had warp costs pushed up masively (dont know why, but see the commit on hunting branch that did it)


Ultimately, I am just trying to move the conversation away from coin usage and into a medium of crafting like we have to do for everything else in the game.

Also as ctrl mentioned this game is solo also and a huge universe so coin isn’t always going to be an option as being able to get resources and craft fuel.


the more options the better! :slightly_smiling_face:
I was going to ask somewhere for more fuel types for portals (can’t keep any open on hunting because of the RIDICULOUS cost and I dont like hunting :stuck_out_tongue:
But perhaps that should probably have its own thread :stuck_out_tongue:


We use switch the Warp cost from coin to something else, then we’ll need find another coin sink. (Which we likely need to do in any case as many people don’t Warp at all.)


If we will use determined kind of fuel we may collide with problem like “here isn’t required resource on this planet”. So I suggest to use something like Mr. Fusion garbage converter. Set a coins cost for every natural block or item (soil, mud, trunk/timber, foliage, rock/stone, minerals, etc.) to fuel warp conduits instead of coins or both ways together.


How about using it instead of gold alloy in many crafting recipes?

Might be a good feature to have it craftable from gold as well - and that will help to anchor it a bit (this can be done at such an exchange level that it does not interfere with the normal operation of the economy).


This is a good point. As perm portals come up people generally use them more and more over individual warps. And with people wanting to horde coin for other uses like purchases, etc. They then don’t use them at all which is ultimately going against the primary reason this game exists… portal exploration.

Economy stuff should really be linked to economy stuff. So to create a health economy we need to flush out that area in its own way. It might have made sense like footfall for gen 1 of the game. But, for a more robust and complete environment that allows better balance it probably makes more sense to separate the models.

I’d refrain from using coins in other crafting recipes because it will be majority restrictive to a certain set of players and then just push them away from the game entirely. The economy is a second level game within the primary game. It is not inherent to the game itself.


we can swap coin for oortshards :slight_smile:( the opening cost only )
and same planet warp maybe something easyer for noobs


Maybe I’m crazy, but what if there were some especially dangerous worlds (and/or biomes) that inhibited permanent portals? Great risk, great reward.


Not opposed to the idea but that sounds like a different thread topic.


It’d be a way to encourage people to warp more (and stay a viable coin sink)


I will agree to disagree…

I think Coin is just fine for this because of exactly that reason if someone wants to use this method then they pay the piper… or if you want to avoid paying up you find a portal…

The game doesn’t really need more gold sinks as they game doesn’t really pay out enough gold to warrant more gold sinks…


I like this idea. Agree it would be more consistent to use blocks to fuel warps, but at the same time imagine if we could convert any natural block/item to 1c… no more storage vaults of foliage or pretty flint collections, and you won’t exactly get rich quick converting items into 1c. Does help for things that are so abundant that you end up tossing them into lava because you can’t find anyone willing to pay even 1c for homeworld leaves

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