Warp Conduits not connecting

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I’ve been having an issue at a build I’m doing here at the TNT hub, specifically with the Warp Conduits I’m using to build with.
I’ve found that, while they couldn’t connect around corners, it didn’t seem too big a deal to me at the time, as I could work around that.

However, I didn’t anticipate this connectivity problem;

Somehow, these won’t connect. It doesn’t work to remove one side, and then replace it from the top of the arc instead, as they for some reason simply cease allowing the connection once again.

@james I’ve seen several mentions of people asking about “Warp Conduit” decorative blocks in the past, but I want to know if such a thing would be feasible in the future, or if there is a much simpler fix for my problem here.

I’ve got some more of the ‘metorite’ to build, and I’d be pretty bummed if it ended up not actually being possible in the end, and after the time spent seeking permissions and everything to build at the TNT hub.

Coordinates are in the screenshot, but to save having to zoom in, it’s;

Circarpous l, -1456N -2013E Alt: 69

I hope to hear from you soon, and very much hope I won’t have to scrap the planned build, if it proves impossible to sort out in any way.

You can only link so many together. I don’t remember the amount tho.

Don’t think you can make a 1x2 horizontally either. Which that is.

You have to break it up. I want to say 16 is the max… maybe 14? Can’t remember, but I built my ceiling of my shop in Eresho with them… :blush:

That would, sadly, not be possible with this build.

EDIT: It does seem like the amount connected is not the issue. It’s the width. Max width is 8 blocks, from what I can tell.

Oddly, max height appears to be 10, leaving it at 8x10 size max.

Yea, it’s been a while since I built my ceiling, but I know that staggering them helped. You can see how I managed at The Witches Brew in Eresho. :blush:

Plus trying to make them two block deep and x amount wide too is probably another issue. You can only really place them like portals. Since well they are portal blocks.

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max size is 10x10, even your screenshot the width is already 10, not 8.

Oh, my bad. I must have mis-counted then! A 10x10 warp is quite some of a size, but I’m going to assume portals have somewhat of the same size.

Do you have any plans to add a ‘decorative’ version of the block texture, though? A block with the texture would make me happy, at least. :wink:

If you semi active them, can you add new ones next to it and does it consider it the same warp? We have 1x2 “lit up” (no clue how bob did it) but could you do that to make it work?

No, I’m pretty sure that would cause them to go away after a little, or when struck.

If you activate them and don’t open them it will change the colors of them and they will not go away. Also @morey523 that’s how bob did it.


Ahh ok. So couldn’t you do that in sections to make a “meteor” work?

No clue. Never tried to do that. But in theory yes, in application maybe lol

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Maybe the devs are worried about the butterfly effect. To many half opened warps rips the time space continuum apart and unleashes the titans!!!


I’m guessing there is no plans of any decorative Warp Conduits any time soon in that case?

That’s a pity, I guess I’ll have to settle on Dark Glass instead then. At least for now. :pensive:

Thank you for the reply, though, I had no idea they even had a size limit. Only thought that was portals.