Wasted cubits

Is there any way I could reverse the mistaken purchase of an additional skill set, and swap it for an additional character instead?



If only! Suck it down as experience, it’ll come in use laaaaaaater down the line.

Or make that character a crafter and use it to access other recipes. I believe that’s a thing some people do now.

I did that, hoping for a second skill set, ended up scrapping that character altogether as I did it way too early to be of any use.

I have a friend that made the same mistake few days ago and he submitted a ticket. Until now, he received no answer

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Usually something like that, you just have to live with it. Besides, you get cubits per level. As long as you continue to gain levels, you’ll not run out.
Mind blowing for me that there isn’t a level cap and you get 300 cubits per level after 50.

i’d say that i agree with you but this friend is a bit salty and i was really in search of help from a gm :stuck_out_tongue:

The devs have been busy getting the new update together. I’d bet @james or @Leahlemoncakes will be more than happy to help when they get a chance. Some times you just need to use magic summoning powers.

Also, if you are on PS4 I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a no reverting cubit purchases rule from Sony…

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Thanks for the explanation, luckly he’s on pc :slight_smile:

Since cubits are how you get plots, how would you get plots after level 50 if it was a cap?

Yeah that’s something that’s presumably fixable.