Water and glass issues


Wanted to have a under water walkway and all I can see is the waterfall effect… It would be nice to be able to see the terrain…



So, just to try and understand better, would you want the texture to basically be more transparent? Idk whether that would cause issues, or be possible but it would be nice.


With water next to glass you get a waterfall effect… So looking out into water through glass you cant see much…
Glass is find to look through, but next to water Id like to be able to see more…



It the same issue as Multi coloured glass so we made it opaque to mask it.


Not sure what you mean here Multi coloured glass, I dont see them In Receipts. Making glass Opaque doesn’t let them know that water is next to them and that the water is then going to be Dark transparent to allow for viewing through. You’d know better tho…



It being transparent would also cause issues with fogging. Underwater will have seperate fog parameters to outside water soon, and when the camera is in water it will change to ‘water fog’, but if you could see straight into the water from outside without the ‘waterfall’ effect it’d often look totally broken fog-wise

Water from Side and Adjacency

Just a thought, but is there a way to set up the block so that, when water is touching another block like glass, that side of the water does not show a waterfall? Then when there is no block connected on a side it could still show the waterfall?

The whole waterfall on the other side of glass issue is actually also an issue in games like Minecraft, so I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but it would be one of those small details that could enhance the game in my opinion.