Water Designs

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Hey Community,

There may have been a thread before, but I can’t find it…

I am looking for ideas of water features. I have a courtyard im looking to put fountains in and I was wondering how you may have included liquids into your build for aesthetic purposes, not in support of a farm.

Screenshots would be awsome!


I just got enormously large water towers on Eresho :laughing:



Three-story fountain:

Waterfall (with coils inside). Every waterfall has a gate up to stop the water:

A system with 1 flood gate to irrigate all of the Oortian rice field:


Hello, currently working on a farm, but not in favor of productivity, rather purely cosmetic wise.

1st pic Shows one of my waterfally Areas in the build, 2nd one Shows a view from my shop over half of my build.
All in all water is a great Addition to bulding :slight_smile:


Big wow on that fountain! :heart_eyes: May have to “borrow” that myself sometime here…



@georgegroeg I love it! thats cool and practical.

Thank everybody for the screenshots!! Keep them coming. What im getting is that i need a bigger courtyard :wink:



Just a small small portal area with water around it.


… Stealing this too later I think. :wink:


I love your three tiered one. that would look great on your gyosha ps hub plots? It would make a great center piece. :+1::+1:


these are all pre release times but i share them anyway :smile:

one picture is recent try find it lol



7th from the bottom hahaha the one with the mosaic hahaha


The water does look better now than EA but we did make good use of it.


yeah was more precious back then
i wonder if i can still pull off these small side flows need do some testing :smile:
i remembered a very weird sequence off placement and deleting to get it that way


The water mechanics are different. Just adding a block and deleting it does not affect flow the way is used to. Flow is generated by the source block only. Might be interesting to try. The fountain picture by @RedY3 might give some answers.


You’re more than welcome to visit my place and see the design :smiley:


It might but i think its too small vs the neighboring builds.