Water Designs

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Thanks!! :smiley:

Really loving seeing all this, keep them coming folks!


Not water… but a golden syrup liquid feature instead. My first attempt at experimenting with a water fountain of sorts. Not exactly as I was I hoping it to turn out so I forsee it being torn down and redesigned with all the things I learnt in the process taken into account.


Here’s my favorite one so far. I did another one, but it didn’t turn out as I had hoped.

Grovidias Te can be very pretty!


What are the glowing bits


Yeah I didn’t realize how big it was.


I love the glow this gives off. Very pretty :slightly_smiling_face:


They are part of the new enriched? Soft coal blocks. They are pretty cool. Just a tad spendy to produce.


Yes I was really pleased that part worked as intended. I sculpted the fountain part out of a tan coloured ice and used a few carefully placed gleam lanterns made of that recent gold (bright sepia?) coloured exo gleam to take advantage of the way ice absorbs the light and glows.


Yes! thanks for all the pictures everybody! Lots of great Ideas!

I didn’t know ice glowed…hhmmm
I love the walkway to golden syrup deliciousness…
And the use of decorative gravel and stones is beautiful.
You are some exquisite chiselers…

I know what I want to do now…I’ll post mine when it’s done.

But please keep the Screenshots coming!!


trying some water designs on top my big shrub


A little bit out dated but ill make some new ones in a few hours.


sweet flowerbed. Borrowing that idea for sure.


Don’t steal my stolen ideas^^ given I changed the concept from were i saw it but still…

Lol :joy:

Just joking if it is useful and gives you ideas for builds go a head. Thats the point of swapping pictures. Btw i did it by half slapping the blocks underneath. So the flowers are placed on the chiseled air-gap of the blocks. Afther I placed the water. (pulled back then).


I have a feeling this might be popping up more often now :slight_smile:


So some recent shots as promised.

Outer water barrier.

Next to the barrier road.

Coming down from there and the sloth.

And under the barrier road. (Not finished jet)


Here’s another one. Took a quick ss last night before bed but forgot to post it


Just a little try out with the water nothing spectacular :slight_smile:

Project not finished yet though


Finished with my design!! I’ll build a few of these around m kingdom but one for show here :wink: I plan one for each gem and maybe the Exo gems too


what the hell is your health bar. what ya got some billion hp there ?


looks like a huge Compressed coffee beans