Water.... filling a pool, a lake, pond, reservoir.... Machine maybe?

Ever try to fill a pool? Pond? Lake? Reservoir, Whatever? Takes fooooorrrrever! How about a machine that you put at the level you want and you feed it say up to 40 slots of water and it slowly autofills your entire area until it either equals that elevation, or runs out of water (refill me lol). Only would fill YOUR lands…

REVERSE to remove water using same machine except it would obviously store the water.

Fuel machine could be coal or whatever…


Sounds like they might be able to modify the reclaim system for something like this maybe? The reverse might be more complex but I like what you’re thinking! Alternatively if you haven’t plotted empty space underneath your pool or whatnot you should just be able to place the top layer so at least you don’t have to fill the whole thing!

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