Water for sale 5 source blocks for 1c

Reclaim point portal (1x2) available at TNT Circarpous (top row).

Currently 400k in shopstands at 0.2c
More still coming.

As the location is named when i am done with “scooping” water the beacon will be reclaimed and whats left of the water will be minted. Best guess is that it will be reclaimed in a week (2weeks max).

For all your water needs come and get it.


Game needs a water removal bomb


In this case yes :grin:

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Thanks for the huge amount of water


There is some more again :wink: thake me a little more time to genarate the same amount :wink: but still not 50% done with removing

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Might be halfway (definitely) from what i have plotted so far.

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More then 500k atm.