Water removal tool / forge effect


It would be nice to have a tool / forge effect that will remove a block of water if used within your own beacon.


Reviving this topic, is there anything in development that would help with removing huge amounts of water? I was thinking building an area of 11x11x3 under water but I can’t see myself removing this much water block by block. Maybe a forged tool? A bomb that clears water?


Build the floor, the fill it from above. You might have to do it in layers. If you use a teaching pie and temporary fill it with bricks or machined metal you even are rewarded with a good amount of XP.


Yeah please something like this, one time use sand/soil bombs or something that needs to filled that we can just get rid of water faster way.


I started this project like half a year ago xD. I’ll probably finish in 2 years at this rate haha. Thanks for the tips though.


Ok so I beacon an area and use this tool/bomb to then remove all the water and unbeacon an area, does the water regen at that point? If we just allow players to use a bomb to permanently convert water to something else then I think this leads to abuse. Many of us have built along the water on purpose. Giving another player the ability to remove the water permanently without it being beaconed and them having to go through a certain amount of effort will lead to abuse. Players will end up having to expend even more plots to protect the natural areas.


That’s the normal/current behavior of the game. This wouldn’t cause any reason to change it.

TBF though i do like knowing exactly what was required when I see underwater work. This would take a lot of builds from “whoa impressive” to “meh, maybe” in my eyes.

I’m not sure how I feel about it.


I only asked because it is a new mechanic. I have built several builds that incorporated water in the past. Some times a waterfall cascading into the build and even under the base of a lake with a glass ceiling open to the lake. In every case I have always had to be careful when dealing with the water to get it to flow or do what I wanted. I am not sure that it would not make water builds less impressive. Off topic, but I am looking forward to water blocks to be able to incorporate more water into my builds. Fountains, pools and such where I want versus having to build around and incorporating existing water.


I only shared my thoughts because you asked. Are we doing this right?

Good builds will always be impressive, that’s for sure. Not for the same reasons though. I have a couple of friends with glass boxes underwater Without judging creativity - it’s impressive every time you see it (in my opinion) because of the obvious amount of effort involved just to prepare a foundation for any creativity.

If it becomes easier to build underwater than under stone, that changes some dynamics.

Creativity with placeable water sources is, IMO, a new arena and while it will remove the necessity for some people to build in water to achieve their goals, after some thought I don’t really see that as cheapening either activity.


I never really thought building in water was that bad. Guess it depends on how you’re doing it and the stats of your character.

I usually have max control and dex with sinking feeling loot stick on. So I can build fairly quickly and with longer amount of time before I need to get air. If I’m really wanting longer time I’ll drink a recovery pot so it’ll heal me while I’m drowning. Lol.


When i started I didn’t even know about the sinking feeling heh.

I got a lot more efficient towards the end but especially making the completely submerged rooms I tend to rush around and I died a lot.

Also as you mentioned, hit the wrong block accidentally and there’s trouble. At least twice I had to start completely over clearing a couple of plots because I accidentally took out a corner, and source propagation got started.

I have fountains and waterfalls and submerged rooms and a water elevator that’s only good for one floor because i got distracted and never finished adding levels lol. Doors through water walls and doors hidden behind water walls. I particularly like to stick my portals in a sheet of water. It’s an awesome effect.

At the moment I’m not using any unsupported walls or hidden supports, but that’s just because the wood beam and water look is particularly suited to the theme of my build. I love the rich blue and the moving water effect on the exposed sides of the blocks.

Anyways I’m not opposed to a tool that can clear water blocks in a beacon. I’d rather a forged/AoE style as it would be a lot more controllable than a bomb, myself. But it would cause me to consider the underwater builds that I see differently.

It could be a special tool/augment or the start of some elemental forging ingredients, where you get some chill shards in there and it freezes the water. It could stay frozen for a timer, or there could be a complementary tool that thaws it.


Yea I love rooms hidden by water. Have a few in one of my builds. One of which has a sign above it saying go for a swim lol.


Ohh! I like this idea very much! They become ice and you can simply hack them away!

Any blocks you want to stay as water you keep!