Water springs

As I know, there is no opportunity to make lakes or water springs - only use natural ones.

I’d love to use water flows in decorating. It would be cool to create sources of water - by using buckets or something else - so we could create water flows.

If there is already a way to do it - will be glad if you could share info with me.


Yeah I would like to use a bucket to pour water around too.

I think the concern was people griefing with water, but I don’t see why we cant add water blocks to our own plots that don’t spread outside the plot areas, unless this is a limitation of the engine itself?

Id also like to be able to use lava in builds :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

We have a plan for water and lava blocks, it won’t be in 1.0 though.

The basic premise is that you can place water blocks in your own plots, but it will freeze to ice when placed outside your plots (same with lava turning to rock).


Amazing! Thank you!
Waiting for ice decorative blocks too :wink:
Also have some ideas about decoratives creation rework - will post a suggestion later.

Amazing concept :smiley:

finally some water coming in :D:D

Will water increase prestige of our houses?

I’m super excited for water to be added!

I assume it’s a few months away, but I already have ideas for how I want to incorporate it into my build!

Haven’t got that far into the planning yet, release is the number 1 priority at the moment.

Ha! That’s a slick way of solving the problem

I greatly appreciate that this is a function that we will eventually get. I do have one point. So if it is a guild/group build and my plots are only part of the build, the water will freeze when it leaves my plots even if I have permissions to build on the other persons plots?


That’s great news!
Thanks for giving builders new “toys” to play with. :grin:

Would be cool to have an “allow liquids to flow into my beacon” option so that you could keep an aqueduct flowing amongst players


That would be cool!

Is there going to be a tool or something to dive deep underwater?

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Ahhh aqueduct. Reminds me of Elop Portas…


Awesome! Adding water will be great !