Water water everywhere but not a drop to. .. place

I think a big part of dealing with that is that they wouldn’t be able to deal with the grief unless they do what they did with some crafting machines and made it so you could only place the source blocks within a beacon that you have permissions to.


This may sound crazy, but… I don’t feel like it’d be that difficult to lay some quick ground rules about what’s acceptable use of water/lava, or judge when those rules have been violated, and enforce them accordingly.

Pour liquid onto someone else’s property without their permission, or encircle their property without their permission, and you get put in Time-Out.


Can you imagine someone having 2000 water blocks? Theres no land after that.

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By doing that, the griefed player still has to suffer having liquid poured onto or all around their property.

I think the preventative measure in place, whilst it may seem odd or restrictive, is the best possible solution to prevent that griefing from ever happening in the first place.

It’s also there so that world regen is not constantly fighting against flowing water… regen… no… regen… no… regen… no etc.

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Personally, I’d be OK with enduring a day-long disruption of my playing experience maybe once in 6 months, as long as the devs came in the next morning and cleared the lava block and then crucified the offender.

Throw the injured party some cubits for their trouble, send the offender to Oortian Jail :policeman: , and life goes on. And I still get to use my lava for legal purposes.

I’ve got no problem at all with water and lava just being able to flow within my own plotted areas I just thought it would be good if there was some sort of permissions option on the beacon to allow water and lava to flow from someone on your friends list if they had plotted areas adjacent to yours. That way community builds could really make some interesting water features. The water or lava stopping at un-plotted areas makes sense with regards to regen trying to do its thing.


There is a plan for water blocks, but it’s not going to be in 1.0.

The initial issue we were facing was the potential for players to grief others with them. Of course, you guys are a fantastic bunch so it’s unlikely we’d see any of that at the moment, but there is potential for this sort of behaviour to happen after release.

There are things we can do to prevent this though. The current plan for it is to enable players to place water and lava blocks inside their own beacons, but if they are placed outside of them they will turn to ice or stone (water to ice, lava to stone).

So definitely something we want to put in, it’s just not possible for 1.0.


That’s good enough for me :grin: thanks for the info


ah @Jeffrotheswell seen this post to late and made similar one lol
great minds think a like lol

heres my solution since dev said no :slight_smile:
High altitude water pockets

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@Steggs101with the killer awancer :grinning: so we should expect it soon? But not as soon as 1.0?

Perhaps you could let us loose with them for a little while in live or testing so we can all intentionally try and grief each other just as an experiment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin: at least that way you’l have a better idea before it goes public. I’m sure there’s some pretty creative people out there that will come up with some unexpected results :thinking:


^^^^^^ please allow this

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I am really glad that it will at least be possible, even if I have to wait. .

water and lava :heart_eyes:


Difficult to say a timescale really. There are so many different possibilities for features after 1.0, it’s just a case of prioritising them and making sure we’re putting out what’s best for the game and the community.

water and lava are best for the community



^^ agreed. We have been waiting so long and so patently. We deserve a treat :grinning:

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Also the moderation process will have a cost. (Would be a pretty tedious job, now I think about it - adjudicating on whether water placement was intentional griefing or not.)

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A wise man once said…

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But how expensive is it make functional water buckets a reality?

  • Ingame Bucket Item and Model - Already there. Conveniently its already named Water Bucket.
  • The Ability to place stuff only within a beacon - Already there with storage blocks.
  • And as I read in this thread flowing water already stops at beacon borders.

Sounds like all the expensive tech and art is already there. Just add an use on ground effect to the Water Bucket Item to spawn a water source block when inside your own beacon or an ice block when outside and turn the water bucket into an empty bucket.
Boom: Instant Win.

Its a cheap feature with a big value. That should move it up the priority list quite high!


So how about this… Rather than doomsaying and worrying about all of the apocalyptic scenarios that COULD happen…

… Let’s just try it and see how it goes.

We could always shut it off 30 minutes later.