Waterfront Outlets Grand Opening


Hey everyone, we have just opened our mall project for everyone to use and hope that this will assist anyone looking to buy and sell goods. The mission we have is to make one of the best looking malls with max efficiency, and a more compact design. Halls are organized by indicator letters, and shops are organized with their hallway letter and a number. We have metro systems from hallway to hallway, which are located at the beginning of each major hall.

To get setup with your own shop, join our discord or visit the mall and drop us a mail. We will unplot 1 plot wise by 4 plots deep and you can go as high or low as you like with altitude. We will also color and name your sign to your requests.

In addition to the mall and all the great things we have to offer and hope you find useful, we have included several other fixtures.

The main hub of the mall will consist of portal links to the mall, which will expand over time as needed/requested.

The Gleam Co is a network that takes you on a planetary tour to some of boundless best gleam farming locations.(don’t forget your regen bombs and Hammers!) The network is ever growing and will blossom as each day goes by.

The Mining Corps is an incentive offered to players which allows them to become a miner. All the signage is posted in the Corps room and will inform you of everything and how it works. We have noticed many players giving gear out for half of the miners haul, and even slaving new players out for their own gain. In an attempt to help new players enjoy the game, or simply give everyone the opportunity to purchase the best mining gear with gems instead of coin!

Lastly we offer player portals, where you can retrieve tokens and link in with us. We also do custom portals per your request if you need a specific shape.

We hope this new mall will offer something for everyone and pose to be useful, from new to end game players alike!

Discord: https://discord.gg/6NxBDrw

Mall Portals:

  1. Ultima HQ on finata, straight across from Gyosha Malls portal.

  2. Pure Glass chamber.


You forgot to mention this mall is by the guild Hotdog Mountain! There may also be special guest appearences by Hotdog Himself from time to time as is tradition


The mall will be receiving a huge main hub update which is in the works now.


I end up shopping here pretty often. They have some of the best prices on a number of good things. Keep up the good work!


We are glad to have you!


Hey, do you have areas for players to set up bases near the hub itself?


We do not have a city nearby to build in, but we are reconstructing the hub to allow personal portals. That would let you tie in to us