Wayfarer Totem Uncraftable (but it's in my knowledge list)


I mentioned this on another thread but thought I’d get some clarification on this:

I have the Wayfarer totem in my knowledge list ( played since EA 2017 with the Explorer pack from Steam), but I am unable to craft it in the workbench, the recipe doesn’t appear. I assume this is a bug of some sort and I shouldn’t be seeing it in my knowledge list?

Seems a bit disappointing to have it there teasing me but I am not able to actually make it!


The clue is in the name - only wayfarers can craft it.


Yeah this is what I thought, so why allow me to see it in my knowledge list as a craftable item then? Other people I speak to on the same package as me can’t see it!


Everyone should be able to see all items in game, regardless if if they can craft them or not.
Even blink and other items not yet in game are in there.


OK that makes sense! Totally confused for a bit there! thanks :smiley:


No worries