Wayfarers totem

Emporium Nocturn <— Ultima Hub Courtyard

I can sell for way less. You will sure find prices around 1000.

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If you find good prices let us know :wink: I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a few of thses myself

Sorry, only forged with max light and max loot magnet…

Looking for 3 do you have a shop

I do, Red Roof Shop @Finata - The Ultima HQ; right beside the clock tower, very near to all the portals.

Now I know the name behind the shop perfect thank you will have to stop by

Would you do a bulk order? We can supply mats and coin for a few mass crafts (or a few dozen mass crafts).

Sure I can. Although that would be in around 10 hours the earliest before I’m online. Might be more.

Awesome, we’ll be on tonight as well. You can find us in The Golden Fist

Actually could you do tomorrow? We might need to gather materials tonight. Well supply all the materials and machines for you

Cool. Give me a shout when you are ready.

Howdy, we managed to get all geared up tonight, ready to go if you hop on and wanna swing by

okidoki - I shall be there in 10-20 minutes

Out of curiosity, what are the mats for Wayfarer’s Totems?

Edit: whoops i didn’t see the username when i replied. The mats are in the reply but the totems can only be crafted by the elders (early supporters of the game).

We have them all set up in the machines so youll see when u craft them, but for future reference, for one mass craft:

22 titanium alloy
29 stick
8 cotton cloth
8 enriched bonding
29 tech remnant

Good work, many thanks for the help. Enjoy the hammer

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could you please turn on my engineer permission again? - I don’t seem to be able to collect xp from crafting when it’s removed

also - will you please leave the machines after the crafting is finished, so I can come back to the spot and get that xp? I will let you know here when I collected my xp

Sure thing I’ll let tonezone know. If he’s around there you could ask him. His characters are tonezone, stonezone, and crackskull

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I was in game for just a couple of minutes - will only be back in 8-10 hours the earliest I think, which is fine because there is still a lot to craft there.