We need a road map

I don’t know about you guys but I feel like we need a roadmap again like they did last year that made me so pumped to know what’s to come. This sitting here not knowing is killing me


Did you miss this one.


There’s no official single post that shows the layout. But there’s plenty of posts that say what’s being worked on right now. Just kinda have to follow the forums and not pop in from time to time

Worth mentioning this is unofficial, albeit well made.

Not true. People can pop in from time to time and check the dev log category or search for James and find everything he’s posted without following every topic.

Yea I suppose that would fall under a from time to time. But at the same time then you are following the forums and reading everything instead of looking at the top few topics on the page and going there’s nothing there.

It’s also not just James that gives us info tho. There’s other devs that mention things as well.

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Not sure where this being pulled from? I pop in from time to time and do targeted searches for individuals and categories. I don’t read everything because so much of it is bored people arguing about semantics (ex: us). I’m still in camp “we need an official roadmap”. Or at the very least the transparency the dev team once had.

If there’s other devs who mention things then people can just search for them then in addition to James…People don’t have to read and follow everything.

:expressionless: guess I didn’t explain it well enough.

Reading what the devs say and doing a search like you are would fall under following what’s going on. What others seem to do is look at the first few topics and go there’s no info of what’s being worked on(even if there’s a testing release atm).

So in the end we know what is being worked on currently along with some side stuff if you look at what testing has and what some of the devs have said(again following what’s going on). Sure it would be nice to have one post laying it all out. But it’s not absolutely necessary.

I’d also argue visiting the forum 900+ days and having a 9 day read time would say you do more than just search what the devs say.

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OP never said anything about absolutely necessary.

I merely took issue with your response being a suggestion to follow the forums and a rebuke of popping in from time to time. As you’ve agreed, what I do is both.

And when looking at my account history, did you see when my account was created? Please check that out before implying that I’m a liar.

Guess you didn’t read it all.

Also fair enough. I didnt see the created date. My bad.

Also I never said anyone said it was necessary. I merely said it’s not absolutely necessary. With the amount of times this kind of topic pops up seems like people feel it’s necessary

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Again, their person opinion on something. And I was sharing my personal opinion. There’s been no demands here, no one has said anything about absolutely necessary. My argument is against saying someone should read “everything”. Because they don’t.

I’m done with this though. This is why I only pop in, because folks make such a big deal of such little things and I can only think it’s because we’re all so bored. /shrug.

Yes we do. They know. It’s in the works.

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That’s news to me that a road map is in the works. Private convo I’m guessing? Or I may have missed it being posted by one of the devs. Guess I’ll do some digging so I can quote it.

Edit: looked at every dev post for this year and saw nothing saying they were working on a road map

Yes not official. But it’s pretty accurate. Lol.

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The most accurate part is the one with the paints

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Sometimes certain things are not shared because they are not ready enough to even talk about or the Devs are not ready for feedback. There kind of is a method to their madness and why some stuff comes on a snail’s back…